January 16th

Dear parents,

Here are a list of assignments that will be due Monday.  Adequate time has been given in class so that there shouldn’t be much left.  Let me know if your child needs to extend any of these assignments, but as it stands they should be almost done everything if they have used their time effectively.


Grade 6

French – 3 Song appreciation (Google Classroom)

Math – Multiplication booklet

ELA – ISS Menus

Sciences humaines – Canada research project


Grade 7

French – 3 Song appreciation

Math – P. 91 -93

ELA – Oak Island Mystery – 3 paragraphs

Grade 7 will have an assignment due Wednesday in Sciences humaines.


Mme Smith’s Career Ed. assignment is due tomorrow for both grades.


There is a school dance January 23rd at St. Agnes.

Mme Lind’s class will be having a bake sale on January 22nd


Have a great night.

M. Boyer



Here’s a message from Mme Gagnon:


Well, I tried to keep it going but unfortunately Mother Nature was not on my side.The Ski trip is cancelled for tomorrow, Friday, January 17th. It is projected to be even colder than thought yesterday. It is now calling for -23 with a windchill of -30. I know this is just a little difference from yesterday but it is just too cold for a school trip and I'm afraid it is just going to get colder! 


I have rebooked us to go on Wednesday, March 11th. Please pray the weather is warmer but not too warm as to melt all the snow. LOL


If your child was unable to sign up but the change of date has made it possible for them to go, I will send home another package with them; on the flip side, if your child is now unable to go, please let me know and we will issue a refund. 


Thank you all for your understanding.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Mme Cheryl Gagnon
Ecole St. Margaret

8ième année

FW: Skiing Friday

This is a note from Mme Gagnon regarding the grade 7 ski trip this Friday.  Grade 6 students will be staying back with Mme Lind.


From: Gagnon, Cheryl
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 10:42 AM
To: Phipps, Sarah <Sarah.Phipps@htcsd.ca>; King, Katherine <Katherine.King@htcsd.ca>; Boyer, Clayton <Clayton.Boyer@htcsd.ca>; Lind, Joanne <Joanne.Lind@htcsd.ca>
Subject: Skiing Friday


Hi everyone, I just wanted to give you an update about skiing on Friday. As of right now we WILL BE GOING.  Fort Qu'Appelle is calling for a -19 (wind-chill of -28) for Friday. This has been cleared by the board office as well. I spoke with Mission Ridge and they said that because they are in the valley wind isn't an issue usually so we shouldn't need to worry too much about the wind chill. They also informed me that they are booked solid until the 3rd week in March and they close March 29th, therefore, if we do not go Friday we may risk the chance of being able to go at all. 


Because it is going to be cold we ask that each child bring a couple pairs of gloves, extra socks, something to cover their faces (a balaclava or a scarf) and anything else that they feel will keep them warm (hand warmers ect...). This is, of course, on top of bringing ski pants and a good warm winter jacket with layers underneath. Students will be wearing a helmet all day and ski boots. Students NEED to dress warm! They will be able to ski a couple hills then go into the chalet to warm up if needed, then head back out for a couple more rounds of skiing. I know we can still make a pretty fun day out of it😊. 


Please be advised that there are some lockers to lock up valuables if you choose (they are a loonie or a toonie) but other than that there are just cubby holes to put belongings, and our school will have one section dedicated to St. Margaret's. PLEASE DO NOT KEEP ANY VALUABLES IN YOUR BAGS! Valuables should be kept on their person. 


Cell phones will be allowed so that they can take pictures and communicate with their friends should they be split up, HOWEVER, it is my expectation that they do not post anything on any social media during their time with the school group. This will be explained to the students.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call!


Mme Cheryl Gagnon
Ecole St. Margaret

8ième année