November 4

Hello everyone,

Today we had the opportunity to watch the live streaming of the Swearing-In Ceremony of our New Prime Minister in Ottawa. It was a very interesting ceremony and tied in well with our Social Studies Unit on Government and decision-making. I was able to capture a picture of the students watching the Inuit throat singing. Very cool!

Mme Hendry and M Boyer

November 3

Hello families!


There are a few important reminders for everyone:


There will be no dictées for this week or next week.  

Nov 5 - Thursday morning will be picture retakes for any students who need or missed photos.

On Friday Nov 6 there will be cookies and hot chocolate for sale for $2 for those that wish to purchase. Proceeds go towards Creative Kids Saskatchewan.

There will be no school on Nov 9-11 due to PD days as well as Remembrance Day.

St. Margaret’s is collecting donations for the poppies the students will wear during our Remembrance Day Ceremony. If you are able to donate, please send it in your child’s agenda this week. All proceeds will go towards the Legion.


We had a great day today! We studied the poem In Flander’s Fields and watched a beautiful video – ask your child to share their thoughts on it and even show you it! Our classroom discussion about the poem was very moving ♥


Mme Hendry and Mr Boyer


October 28

Here are the dictée words for the week:


le drapeau


le lis rouge orangé

les prairies

un facteur

un produit


la dispersion




We also had a visit from the Moose Jaw Warriors who came and read with us this afternoon as part of the Read to Succeed program. We even managed to sneak in a game of dodgeball together with them! They were good sports! The next 2 days will be very busy as the grade 4’s will finish presenting their music research projects as well as their ELA podcast assignments. There is also a lot of excitement in the air as our school Mission Fair is Friday afternoon and we will be preparing our class activity for it which will be “Pumpkin mini-golf”! Also, for those that ordered hot lunch – tomorrow is Boston Pizza!

October 20th

Today students took out new library books.  They also started scripting out a podcast in ELA and learned about how white light is made of many different colours and wavelengths of light.


This week’s dictée words :

1.       un loup-garou

2.       un squelette

3.       une sorcière

4.       une chauve-souris

5.       une citrouille

6.       un arc-en-ciel

7.       un prisme

8.       la dispersion

9.       lumineux

10.   lumineuse

11.   la lumière blanche


Homework :

Take-home reading


Study dictée words (not in agenda)


October 19th

Today we created a rubric together for our final project in this ELA unit.  The students wrote a sciences humaines quiz and started learning about multiplication in math.  


Tomorrow is library day.  Please return all books to school.


Hot lunch orders are due tomorrow.


Congratulations to Kaleigh who raised almost $700 for Cuts for Cancer last month!


Félicitations to Brynn, Jacob, Luc, Keenan, Emma, Shelby, Sadie, Neyva, and Caitlin who all earned Mathletics certificates this week!




Take Home Reading

Hi everyone,

Tonight your child is bringing home a levelled French book to read at home.  Students should read the book to you for 15 minutes every night.  This will be for homework nightly. Students will be able to choose their own books on Tuesdays when we go to the library.   To help motivate the class to read, if you fill out a simple online form at after your child has read, we will reward your child’s Classcraft account.


If you have any questions, let us know.



M. Boyer and Mme Hendry

This week

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that we will be having a classroom bible celebration on Thursday at 10:30 am.  Bernadette Cey, our religious education consultant will be in to lead us and present the students with their own Bibles to use at school.  Parents are invited, but as it is in the middle of the day we understand if you are unable to make it.  If you wish to attend, please RSVP by email.



M. Boyer et Mme Hendry

October 9th

This weekend’s homework:

·         Sign dictée

·         Musique – Instrument research project – fill in 7 boxes only.  Do not complete project over the weekend.  Mme Hendry’s selected links can be found at


Have a great weekend!  Happy Thanksgiving!

October 7th

Students will be presenting a short reading and presentation for Thanksgiving on Tuesday, October 13 at 8:30 during our school-wide assembly.  Also, Bernadette Cey, our school division’s religious education consultant will be in class to present bibles to the grade 4 students on Thursday, October 15th at 10:30.  Parents are welcome to attend both events.


Tomorrow is picture day!


Tonight’s homework:

Practice dictee words


French Thanksgiving paragraph


Mathletics will be homework throught the school year.  I would ask that parents please ensure that students have a piece of scrap paper and a pencil to work through questions to the activities that are assigned in Mathletics.  I will be assigning activities in  Matheltics that give a students an opportunity to practice concepts learned in class.  Many of these activities cannot be rushed through and require paper to complete.  I track the student’s progress daily and will use the results from Mathletics to guide my teaching in class. 


Have a great evening!

October 6th

Today students learned about how to be courteous during conversations.  We also learned about the relationship between light and heat during a science experiment.   



·         Mathletics – students will be rewarded for all certificates they earn. 

·         Practice dictée words


Have a great evening!