October 18th

Dear parents,



  • We worked on autobiographies.

  • Living Our Faith – Personal and Social Growth rating scales were added to Fresh Grade

  • We worked on our explorations of social organizations and Pacific Rim countries in Sciences Humaines

  • We learned prime factorization in math.

  • We started to learn about mysteries and space technology.



  • PowerSchool login information has been sent home.

  • Congratulations to Maria who won KitKat Survivor today.


Math results sent home...


We did a math check-in today. 

  • Grade 6 was on prime and composite numbers.

  • Grade 7 was on divisibility by 2, 5 and 10.


I’ve reviewed the results with the students who needed it and I’ve sent a copy home.  Please review it with your child.  They do not need to be returned to me.


M. Boyer