September 5th



We had a good first day in grade four getting to know each other a bit and learning some classroom routines.


This year, your child will have M. Boyer for English, Religion, Sciences humaines, Arts Ed and Math.  Mme Gabourie will teach French, Sciences naturelles and Visual Art.  M. Nadon will teach Catholic Wellness and Mme Adams will teach Gym.


Please feel free to contact us at the school anytime at 306-694-4044 or by email and


We look forward to learning with your child this year.


M. Boyer & Mme Gabourie


May 16th


I’ve received a number of questions about our latest sciences naturelles assignment.  Here are a few clarifications.

·         Students are to build a simple musical instrument that can play sounds that vary in pitch and intensity. 

·         There are a few example videos in the assignment on Stile to give the students ideas.

·         Students are to bring their instruments to demonstrate to the class.

·         This has been extended until Thursday.



·         Complete the multiplication booklet that we started today.  Students were given appropriate time to finish in class.



·         We discussed the students dreams and fears about growing up.

·         We discussed how sounds are used as alarms.

·         We practiced 2 and 3 digit by 1 digit multiplication.

·         We learned about sound pollution and how it affects humans.

·         We had phys. ed. with M. Nadon.

·         I sent a note home about our upcoming field trip to Batoche which will take place on Monday, June 5th.


Have a great evening!






May 2nd

We will be going on a field trip to Regina to visit the legislature and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum on Thursday.  I sent a note home yesterday.  Let me know if you have any questions.



·         We finished some incomplete work from last week.

·         We learned about the parts of the ear and their functions.

·         We listened to the beginning of a new novel.

·         We did a sound vocabulary exercise.

·         We learned about the development and birth of a baby.

·         We went to phys. ed. with M. Nadon.


M. Boyer


April 25th



We learned:

·         How babies develop in the uterus.

·         How to write the date in SI format.

·         How to tell time on an analogue clock.

·         What sound is and how the ear works.


We also went to phys. ed. with M. Nadon and practiced multiplication tables.


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer



Genius Hour Presentations

Today :

·         We learned to write a paragraph from information that we’ve researched.

·         We worked on adding and subtracting decimals.

·         We learned about “thick” and “thin” questions.

·         We learned about the promises made to First Nations people in the treaties.

·         We went to arts ed. with M. Mitchell and phys. ed. with M. Nadon.


Attached is a schedule for our genius hour presentations.  Please remind your child to be ready to present accordingly. 


M. Boyer

March 28th


·         We added and subtracted decimal numbers.

·         We practice multiplying.

·         We learned about how to write a paragraph with an introductory  sentence, supporting details and a conclusion.

·         We learned the terms opaque, transparent and translucent.

·         We learned the qualities of a good friend.



·         On Friday, the class will be travelling to the Mae Wilson Theatre to watch the Battle of the Books competition.


Have a good evening.

M. Boyer

March 13th


·         We had an assembly and Lenten celebration in the gym.

·         We exchanged books at the library.

·         We learned about when to use “et” vs. “est” in French.

·         We learned about the dangers of tobacco.

·         We read with our buddies in the gym.

·         We had phys. ed. with M. Nadon and arts ed. with M. Mitchell.


Have a great evening!


February 8th


·         M. Boyer sent home a math test that we recently completed.  Please sign and return tomorrow.

·         We learned about when Jesus travelled to Jerusalem

·         We had an author read a First Nation’s legend to the class.

·         We learned to make comic strips for an upcoming project.

·         We learned about the life of Gabriel Dumont.

·         We went to music class with M. Mitchell and phys. ed. with M. Lavallee


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer

February 6th


·         We went to an assembly in the gym.

·         We worked on learning our times tables.

·         We went to éducation physique with M. Nadon.

·         We went to education artistique with M. Mitchell

·         We learned about refraction, reflection, shadow and dispersion.  M. Boyer demonstrated examples of each to the class.

·         We worked in groups while M. Boyer did reading benchmarks.

·         Scholastic orders are due tomorrow.


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer

February 3rd


·         We finished the “Jesus is Presented in the Temple” religion assignment.

·         We worked in centres while M. Boyer did Benchmarks.

·         We practiced multiplication.

·         We explored drawing with warm colours and cool colours.

·         We worked on our Genius Hour projects.

·         Scholastic orders were sent home.  Please consider purchasing as your orders give me credits with Scholastic that allow me to purchase books for the classroom.  I have been able to purchase a small selection of current, fun books for the class that students really enjoy.

·         Please practice multiplication facts.  7,8, and 9 times tables are problematic right now.


Have a great weekend!

M. Boyer