January 27

Today we started our division unit in Math.  We wrote in our creative writing notebooks and researched the natural resources of Saskatchewan.  We practiced our the French plays that the class will be presenting to the school next week and we discussed Genius Hour which we will be starting tomorrow.


Tonight’s homework:

·         Correct today’s division worksheet

·         Take home reading

·         Multiplication flash cards.


Have a great evening!

January 20th

Today we finished up our multiplication test, discussed how different text features give you different information, and worked on a religion project. 



·         practice multiplication flash cards

·         take home reading

·         practice dictée

January 19th

Today, students engaged in a writing assignment where they were to tell about their qualities, tastes and talents.  We also worked on a multiplication test and continued to work on an online presentation.


Tonight’s homework:

·         practice multiplication flash cards

·         take home reading

·         practice new dictée words

New dictée words...

For Monday, January 25th


1.       mes préférences

2.       mes talents

3.       ma description physique

4.       mes qualités

5.       l’échelle de Mohs

6.       friable

7.       la dureté

8.       un diamant

9.       le gypse

10.   le talc