September 15th

·         Thursday night is Meet the Teacher night!  Hope to see you there.

·         There is a dictée test on Friday morning.  The words were posted to the blog earlier today.  Students have had the words in their agendas since last week.

·         Thursday is also “50’s Day”.  Stay tuned for pictures from our class.

·         If any students have not completed Mme Hendry’s “Autoportrait” activity, they must be completed ASAP.  


We are having a great start to the year!  I’m excited to start using technology more and more as we progress.  I’m also excited to have Mme Hendry start her student teaching, working towards teaching 3 full weeks in November.  She has already done some wonderful work in Education artistique and will take over Social Studies tomorrow.


Have a great evening!


M. Boyer

Dictée Words - September 18th

Here are this week’s dictée words for Friday.  Students have had them in their agendas since last week. 

1.       une source

2.       la lumière

3.       une source naturelle

4.       une source artificielle

5.       la Lune

6.       le Soleil

7.       une ampoule

8.       la luciole

9.       Le Soleil est une source de lumière naturelle

10.   Une ampoule est une source de lumière artificielle.