October 6th

Today students learned about how to be courteous during conversations.  We also learned about the relationship between light and heat during a science experiment.   



·         Mathletics – students will be rewarded for all certificates they earn. 

·         Practice dictée words


Have a great evening!


October 5th

Today the class worked on subtraction, writing and learned the decision making structure of First Nations groups in Saskatchewan. 

Thanks to everyone who has adopted our library this month. Mme Skoropad has sent home a form to help. 

Remember that QSP orders are due on the 13th.

Tonight's homework: Math p. 66 #1-5 

Please return the picture day note. 

This week's dictée words:

  • le droit de vote
  • interdit
  • la communication
  • l'assemblée
  • le chef du conseil
  • les premières nations
  • vraisemblable
  • l'estimation
  • absorber
  • l'énergie thermique

October 2nd

For homework, please have your child complete the Pentecost drawing from today.

Mme Hendry and I are challenging the class to bring as many fruits and vegetables as possible in their lunches next week. Our goal is to create awareness of healthy eating habits.

Mme Hendry and I are enjoying every moment of teaching our students this year. Thanks for the support you have shown us.

Have a great weekend!

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