September 23rd


·         We finished and corrected a number of assignments that we had started in the past week or two.  Some students have odds and ends to finish up yet. Students will go to study hall next week to complete their work. 

·         We sang French songs with the Grade 1 classes.

·         We continued Benchmarking.

·         We pitched our Genius Hour ideas to M. Boyer and began researching our projects.


Next week:

·         QSP is extended until Monday.

·         Cross Country meet Wednesday at 4 p.m.

·         Hot Lunch is Thursday

·         Friday – Orange shirt day for awareness of the impacts of residential schools. A First Nations elder will visit.  Terry Fox Run in the afternoon.


Have a great weekend! 

M. Boyer



September 22nd

Dear parents,


·         We continued benchmarking the students during reading centres.

·         Students practiced their place value skills with Mathletics.

·         We worked on French vocabulary, reading and dictionary skills.

·         We discussed the differences between rocks and minerals, took notes and took photos of different mineral samples.

·         We learned French songs to sing with the grade 1 students and started preparing for our Bible celebration.



·         Rider day:  Wear green to show your Rider pride!


Have a great evening!


September 14th

Dear parents:


·         We have begun Benchmarking our students to determine their current reading level.

·         Students worked on number sense in Math.

·         We continued to work on our Louis Riel lesson in Sciences humaines.

·         Students had Arts. Ed. with M. Mitchell and Phys. Ed. with M. Nadon

·         We joined Mme Forrest’s class to discuss Dot Day. We’ll be doing some classroom activities with Mme Forrest’s class tomorrow.  For more information go to




·         Dot Day:  Please dress in dots if possible.



·         I will be away Friday at a Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation forum.


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer

September 9th


·         We attended mass at St. Joseph’s church.

·         We finished up work that we started this week.

·         We sang traditional French songs with Mme King’s grade 1 class.

·         We started brainstorming our Genius Hour projects with Mme Forrest’s class.


Next week:

·         No school Monday.

·         Meet the Teacher BBQ Tuesday at 5:00pm.

·         I will be away on Friday for the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation President’s Forum in Saskatoon.



·         Genius Hour brainstorming worksheet due Friday.


Have a great weekend!

M. Boyer

September 8th

Dear parents,



·         During French class we started discussing food waste.  40% of food in North America is wasted, creating a huge financial and environmental impact.  We started reading an article in French about waste and what we can do to prevent it.  We also watched a video to introduce the subject.



·         During Math we started discussing different ways to represent numbers up to 10,000.  We took notes in our Math notebooks summarizing the different ways numbers can be represented.


·         We started working on posters with the aim of raising awareness in the school about food waste.


·         During Sciences humaines, we started discussing Louis Riel and what the favourite parts of our homes are.



·         There is no school Monday due to a religious retreat for staff.

·         There is no homework today.

·         QSP fundraising is in full swing!  Thanks to everyone who brought back orders today.


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer


September 2nd

Dear parents,

Today was another great day.  We continued to work on routines for the year such as:

·         noon hour and recess expectations

·         walking through the hall without interrupting other classes

·         how to login to our computers, Classcraft, Google Classroom and Google Drive

·         lockdown and fire drill procedures


We also started familiarizing ourselves with Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Classcraft.  We visited Mme Forrest’s classroom to discuss Genius Hour at the end of the day.


A reminder that I post all of my end of day messages to our blog:


Have a great weekend!

M. Boyer

First day!

Dear parents,

                We had a great first day of school.  Today we discussed our classroom beliefs and classroom routines.  We set up our Classcraft accounts and played some math games.  Students went to the gym with M. Nadon and we discussed the concept and application of courtesy.


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer

Next week

Dear parents, 

It's hard to believe how quickly the year has flown by!  We've had a great year together and I will definitely miss this group of students next year. 

Here is some information for next week:

Wednesday: Litterless lunch

Thursday: DQ treat day

Friday: Track day at Vanier

We've been fortunate enough to have welcomed a pair of leopard geckos to our classroom.  Having a classroom pet is a first for me and the students and I have been enjoying watching and learning about these intriguing animals.

We're continuing to finish up for the end of the year.  We are currently doing a Canadian animals research project in science, working on statistics and patterns and math, working on Benchmarks and spelling in English and French.  We also completed a division numeracy assessment last week.  

Please have your child continue to work on their times tables during June and for the rest of the summer.  If you wish, I can send home a booklet to work on over the summer with an answer key.  Please let me know and I'll send one home as soon as possible.  

I will be away June 20-22 as I will be camping with the grade 8 class at Pike Lake.  I will also be away the last two days of school while I attend an educational technology conference in Denver, CO. 

Have a great weekend!