We're back!

Hi everyone,


It's good to be in touch today.  I hope everyone has managed to stay healthy during this strange time.  The Boyers have spent the last week playing board games and video games, reading, going for walks, kite flying, and movie watching.  I managed to clean out my music / office room so I'm set up and ready to go for the next stage of our school life together.  I'm excited to do my part to keep everyone learning and having fun at a distance for as long as this takes.  I'm looking forward to reconnecting with the class digitally in the next days and weeks.


For the next week or so, keep your child reading and working on prodigy.  I'll be making sure PowerSchool and FreshGrade are updated with the latest work that was handed in before the "pause".  Take a look at them with your child and have a discussion what they've learned this year and what they need to do to continue to be successful during this hiccup and beyond.  Next week I'll be sending out some supplementary learning activities for students to work on, as per school division guidelines.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me during regular school hours.  

M. Nadon asked me to pass the following on to you as well:

Hi all,
I am going to be putting activities up on FreshGrade for kids to do to keep themselves active. If you or you son/daughter could please check FreshGrade for M.Nadon's PE activities and complete what works for your family that would be great. I would love to see pictures of these activities so I can comment and stay in contact with your family.
Thank you very much and stay safe.


I'd like to close this email with a quote from a lenten reflection that I found this morning on the Catholic Telegraph website.  


"This Lent is much closer to Jesus’ time in the desert than any Lent of my past. During this time of isolation, I will do my best to look towards my Saviour, who is loving, and never wants me to forget who I am. I will rest in the fact that I may meet Him outside of the tomb, when the time comes."


Have a great day.  I'll be in touch soon!

M. Boyer

Grade 7 - Skiing tomorrow!

Here’s a message regarding skiing tomorrow for the grade 7 students.  Grade 6 will remain at school and work with Mme Lind.


Hello all, just a reminder that we are, in fact, going skiing tomorrow! We will meet here at the school at 7:20/7:30am. We will take off right away and then we will return at 5:00(ish). I have just a couple last minute reminders:

  1. Please have you child dress in layers and bring sunglasses to prevent snow blindness. 

  2. There is a canteen that serves pizza, chicken fingers, fries and plenty of other types of food, and the students will have plenty of time to order if they choose to do so. They can also bring snacks and a lunch of their own. 

  3. technology is allowed on the bus and while at the hill AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please have a discussion about what movies they are allowed to watch or music they are allowed to listen to. I have asked the students to not post anything to any social media until after school hours and with the permission of the people in the video. 

If you have any questions I will try to check my phone tonight to answer them!


Mme Gagnon