May 16th


I’ve received a number of questions about our latest sciences naturelles assignment.  Here are a few clarifications.

·         Students are to build a simple musical instrument that can play sounds that vary in pitch and intensity. 

·         There are a few example videos in the assignment on Stile to give the students ideas.

·         Students are to bring their instruments to demonstrate to the class.

·         This has been extended until Thursday.



·         Complete the multiplication booklet that we started today.  Students were given appropriate time to finish in class.



·         We discussed the students dreams and fears about growing up.

·         We discussed how sounds are used as alarms.

·         We practiced 2 and 3 digit by 1 digit multiplication.

·         We learned about sound pollution and how it affects humans.

·         We had phys. ed. with M. Nadon.

·         I sent a note home about our upcoming field trip to Batoche which will take place on Monday, June 5th.


Have a great evening!