Next week...

Dear parents,

Here’s what we will be up to next week:


·         We will continue studying the candidates for the woman who will be selected to be featured on the first banknote in 2018 in French class.  Students will research one of the candidates and prepare a poster for the class.

·         We will continue our patterns unit and work on a Symmetry inquiry project in Math.

·         We will continue to study food webs and food chains in Science.

·         We will prepare for our trip to Batoche during Social Studies.

·         We will continue to read our plays to other classes for Arts Ed.

·         We will continue learning about Habitats in ELA.


A reminder that all Batoche trip money ($15) is due by the 26th.  Students are responsible for bringing a bagged lunch and money or food for supper.


Thanks to Mme Skoropad and Mme Myre who helped us redesign and modernize our classroom layout.  We now have a variety of seating options for students, including chairs, desks, camping chairs, stools, yoga balls, cushions for the floor and floor level tables.  Students have much more choice in where and how they are going to sit and are able to consider where they work best every day. 


We have also received 5 chromebooks for use exclusively in our class.  This will help streamline the day and give students easier access to technology for their work.  Merci Mme Phipps!


Have a great weekend.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

M. Boyer