October 17th

This week:

·         We’ve worked on spelling skills

·         We’ve worked on 4 digit addition and subtraction

·         We’ve learned about famous Saskatchewan inventions

·         We attended a school bus safety presentation



·         Spelling is due tomorrow.

·         Mme Phipps gave some orange math duo-tangs to some students.  Please complete these ASAP.

·         There is a science test on Friday.

·         Take home reading was sent home.

·         Please have students complete Les Inventions de la Saskatchewan on Google Classroom by the end of the week. 



To log in to Google Classroom:

1.       Go to http://classroom.google.com

2.       Username is firstname.lastname@htcsd.ca

3.       Password is your child’s Chromebook password.  These are used every day so your child will know it.



All of my daily notes are archived at http://mrboyer.ca


Have a great evening!