December 19th

I will be making pancakes for all of the grade 4 students Wednesday morning at the start of the day.  



·         We had an assembly and liturgy in the gym.

·         We exchanged library books.

·         We finished outstanding work.

·         We worked on Christmas STEM challenges with Mme Forrest’s class.

·         We finished our Genius Hour presentations.



·         Our Advent celebration is tomorrow at 6:30 at the Hillcrest church.  Doors open at 6:00pm.


December 12th



·         We had an assembly and liturgy in the gym.

·         We exchanged books at the library.

·         We read more of “A Wrinkle in Time”.

·         We practiced for the Christmas concert.

·         We participated in the Hour of Code.

·         We did an introductory activity for our Light unit.



·         Students will be going to Church of Our Lady for Reconciliation.


Have a great evening.

M. Boyer

December 8th


·         We finished learning about the legend of William Tell.

·         We continued to work on the concept of using doubles to multiply.

·         We finished chapter 2 of our French novel study.

·         We watched a video and answered questions about volcanoes.

·         We learned a new French folk song.

·         We presented our genius hour projects.


Thanks to those who submitted Scholastic book orders.  I was able to purchase 3 books for our classroom library this month.



Hot lunch orders are due Monday.


Have a good evening!

M. Boyer

December 5th


·         We had an assembly and Advent celebration in the gym.

·         We learned about internet safety.

·         We continued to read “A Wrinkle in Time”

·         We worked on spelling words.

·         We completed an end of unit evaluation in science.

·         We had music with M. Mitchell and Phys. Ed. with M. Nadon

·         Hot lunch forms were sent home.



·         Hot lunch forms are due back Monday.

·         Scholastic orders are due Wednesday. 


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer

November 29th

Dear parents,


·         We continued exploring the different stages of childhood.

·         We finished up work on our French novel study.

·         We learned about how arrays help us multiply.

·         We studied French vocabulary words.

·         We continued studying igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

·         We had Phys. Ed. with M. Nadon.



·         Students should finish up any incomplete assigned work in Mathletics by the end of the week.


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer