September 26th

Dear parents,


·         We had our Monday morning assembly.  Mme Phipps gave a mini-lesson on visualization for Reading Buddies.

·         We did reading and writing centres and Benchmarking.

·         The students went to Phys. Ed. with M. Nadon and Arts Ed. with M. Mitchell.

·         We started exploring our ideas regarding nutrition during Wellness.

·         We worked on some outstanding work in Sciences naturelles.



·         Friday’s email stated that the cross country meet was Wednesday.  The meet is on Tuesday.

·         A note was sent home about our upcoming trip to the Agriculture in the Classroom farm.  Please return the permission slip as soon as possible.


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer

September 23rd


·         We finished and corrected a number of assignments that we had started in the past week or two.  Some students have odds and ends to finish up yet. Students will go to study hall next week to complete their work. 

·         We sang French songs with the Grade 1 classes.

·         We continued Benchmarking.

·         We pitched our Genius Hour ideas to M. Boyer and began researching our projects.


Next week:

·         QSP is extended until Monday.

·         Cross Country meet Wednesday at 4 p.m.

·         Hot Lunch is Thursday

·         Friday – Orange shirt day for awareness of the impacts of residential schools. A First Nations elder will visit.  Terry Fox Run in the afternoon.


Have a great weekend! 

M. Boyer



September 22nd

Dear parents,


·         We continued benchmarking the students during reading centres.

·         Students practiced their place value skills with Mathletics.

·         We worked on French vocabulary, reading and dictionary skills.

·         We discussed the differences between rocks and minerals, took notes and took photos of different mineral samples.

·         We learned French songs to sing with the grade 1 students and started preparing for our Bible celebration.



·         Rider day:  Wear green to show your Rider pride!


Have a great evening!


September 14th

Dear parents:


·         We have begun Benchmarking our students to determine their current reading level.

·         Students worked on number sense in Math.

·         We continued to work on our Louis Riel lesson in Sciences humaines.

·         Students had Arts. Ed. with M. Mitchell and Phys. Ed. with M. Nadon

·         We joined Mme Forrest’s class to discuss Dot Day. We’ll be doing some classroom activities with Mme Forrest’s class tomorrow.  For more information go to




·         Dot Day:  Please dress in dots if possible.



·         I will be away Friday at a Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation forum.


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer

September 9th


·         We attended mass at St. Joseph’s church.

·         We finished up work that we started this week.

·         We sang traditional French songs with Mme King’s grade 1 class.

·         We started brainstorming our Genius Hour projects with Mme Forrest’s class.


Next week:

·         No school Monday.

·         Meet the Teacher BBQ Tuesday at 5:00pm.

·         I will be away on Friday for the Saskatchewan Teacher’s Federation President’s Forum in Saskatoon.



·         Genius Hour brainstorming worksheet due Friday.


Have a great weekend!

M. Boyer