January 12th

Today, students exchanged their books in the library, copied the new dictée words into their agendas and practiced using titles, headings and lists in their writing.  We also went to the computer lab to start using Google Classroom.  Classroom will let students complete and submit homework that is done in Google Documents at home.  I’m excited to start using this fabulous digital tool in our classroom.


Tonight’s homework:  Complete the ELA writing assignment.  Students have started to write a short document that includes:

·         a title

·         a description

·         a numbered list with heading

·         a bulleted list with heading


Students can refer to the attached template as an example.  

This week's dictée words...

For January 18th :


1.       le pétrole

2.       la potasse

3.       les roches ignées

4.       le clivage

5.       le lustre

6.       la dureté

7.       l’échelle de Mohs

8.       les roches métamorphiques

9.       les roches sédimentaires

10.   une ressource renouvelable

11.   une ressource non-renouvelable

January 7th

Today we wrote tongue twisters in French. We practiced 3 digit by 1 digit multiplication and we learned about the Mohs hardness scale.

Tonight's homework is math, page 297 #1-5.

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January 6th

Today students learned to identify the “in” sound in French.  We practiced 2 digit by 1 digit multiplications and talked about how writers add voice to their writing.  We also learned about potash and practiced reading. 


Homework tonight:

Math – multiplication worksheet – due tomorrow.



January 4th

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a relaxing break.


Today we reviewed 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication.  We learned about the “Compare and Contrast” writing style and studied the different ways we use rocks and minerals.  Students also were introduced to the concepts of latitude and longitude and learned a new way to take organized notes. 



Math p. 292 #1-7 is due Wednesday.

There is no dictée this week.