This week's dictée words

This week’s dictée words come from Mme Hendry’s Arts Education and Social Studies classes.


1.       les cordes

2.       les bois

3.       les cuivres

4.       les percussions

5.       la portée musicale

6.       la conscription

7.       le Parti conservateur

8.       le Parti libéral

9.       le Parti vert

10.   le Nouveau Parti démocratique


The students will be tested on Friday.

A message from M. Savoie

Dear Parents,


Our first Fully Alive unit this year in Grade 4 is “Family time”.  During this unit we will be learning about living in Relationship, the value of being part of a group, and family’s responsibilities. 


For this unit, your child will need a family picture (for this Tuesday). Anything that represents that they belong to a group, remember we all belong to a family! 


M. Savoie