Monday Morning Memo - Week of April 20th

Monday Memo – Week of April 20th


Dear parents,

            I hope that everyone is doing well.  The Boyers have been doing great.  We’ve been watching lots of movies and playing lots of games. Annique has been beating me at darts lately, so I need to practice up!  We’re hoping that this week brings some nice weather so that we can get outside for a bit.  Maia is itching to try her new stunt kite again. 


            Here are this week’s learning activities.  Please note that next week, one of our activities will involve some reading about the Regina Indian Industrial School, a residential school that was open in the late 1800s.  There are some parts of this lesson that deal with difficult topics, but I want to include this learning to go with the activities that we’ve been doing as part of our participation in the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Legacy Schools program.  We’ll be adding to the map of Saskatchewan that the students will create this week, so make sure you hang on to it.


We will be using Google Meet to meet up online. I will be available the rest of the week via email from 8:25am-3:00pm.  If you need face to face help, we could set up a time to meet online apart from the hours listed above.


My online meeting hours will be:


Wednesday: 10am-11am – We will discuss and correct “le genre du nom” together.

Thursday: 1 pm-2pm – We will discuss grade 6 Math.

Friday: 2pm -3pm – We will discuss grade 7 Math.






Grade 6

Grade 7


I’ve attached a worksheet – l’identification du genre.  I’ve attached a video to help students correct.  Please post this to FreshGrade for feedback.


Please read in French for 20 minutes a day.  Please see my previous email for a link to your child’s “Je lis” account or read any French book that you may have at home.

Same as grade 6.  Afterward, write a paragraph and circle all of the nouns.  Circle masculin nouns in blue and féminin in red. Please post this to FreshGrade for feedback.

Sciences Humaines

I’ve included a blank map of Saskatchewan.  Please find and add the following locations. Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, North Battleford, Prince Albert,

Lloydminster, Yorkton, Lake Diefenbaker, North Saskatchewan River, South Saskatchewan River, Saskatchewan River, Swift Current, Weyburn, Estevan, Meadow Lake


Post these to FreshGrade for Feedback.


Next week, we’ll start adding residential schools to the map and learning about them.



Same as grade 6.


I’ve attached some basic multiplication facts worksheets.  Please complete one per day to keep your skills sharp. 


I’ve included NS6-57 to NS6-63, lessons relating to fractions for this week.  If your child needs help, we will be discussing them during my Google Meet times. 





I’ve attached some basic multiplication facts worksheets.  Please complete one per day to keep your skills sharp. 


I’ve included Jump Math NS7-55 to NS7-60, lessons relating to fractions and decimals for this week. If you child needs help, we will be discussing them during my Google Meet times. 



Learning Goals:


  • We are learning the meaning of human dignity.

  • We are learning how Catholic social justice principles call us to protect the human dignity of all people.


  1. Understanding Human Dignity

Reflect/Research/Answer the following questions:

  • What is human dignity?

  • How does God want me to treat other people?

  • Why am I called to love and serve others?

  • How does Jesus inspire me to live with love and respect the dignity of others?

  • What actions show love in my family, school, community, and world?


  1. Give examples:  We are called to treat one another with respect, love and support, and to defend and stand up for what is right and fair.  Can you think of an example where you have stood up for what was right and fair?  Can you think of a time when you witnessed someone else standing up for what was right and fair?


  1. Catholic Social Justice Principles



  • Human Dignity is the base for all other Catholic social justice principles. Are you familiar with any other Catholic social justice principles?

  • Do a quick search and write down the Catholic social justice principles.



Same as grade 6.


Please try and read every day for 20 minutes.


From Mme. Gagnon:


Due date:

Friday, April 24


Where to find and hand in Assignment:

Google Classroom

Class: Writing 6/7

Code to join: p37cjjq


Please join class on Google Classroom and complete assignment: 

Books, Songs, Movies are STORIES



Same as grade 6.

Sciences Naturelles

Mme Lind has posted some activities in Sciences Naturelles 6 in Google Classroom.  These are due April 27.

Mme Lind has posted some activities in Sciences Naturelles 7 in Google Classroom.  These are due April 27.

Ed. Physique

Check on FreshGrade for M. Nadon’s activities.

Check on FreshGrade for M. Nadon’s activities.





Thursday, April 9th

Dear parents,

Our first Google Meet was a success.  We were online for about 35 minutes.  We went over our day and played “Qui suis-je?”.  It was so good to see all of “my kids” again today.  Thanks for your help in getting everyone online. 


Today I also went into FreshGrade and looked at your child’s work.  I tried to leave comments for everyone who turned something in.  I especially enjoyed the videos the students posted about how they are spending their days.


I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Easter.  Thanks for your support over these past few weeks.  I was playing around with some new software today, and I made a little Easter message for everyone.  It isn’t perfect but I thought I should post it anyway.  I’ll be able to use the software to create lessons for the students over the break, so it was a nice way to try it out.


Take care! Be safe!

M. Boyer



Our First Google Meet!

Hi everyone,


We’re going to meet online on Google Meet at 2pm tomorrow.  As this is the first time, we’re going to take it slow and concentrate on speaking French and asking any questions that the students may have.  I’m sure there will be technical difficulties, so if that happens, please don’t worry.  We’ll get it working as quickly as we can.


Students are to log in to their HTCSD Google account and find Meet in the menu that looks like 9 little squares.


The meeting code will be (removed – contact M Boyer).  You will have received an email from Holy Trinity regarding the protocol for using Google Meet.  Please review this with your child prior to joining. 


Have a great evening!  Let me know if you have any questions.  I’m looking forward to seeing the class again tomorrow!

M. Boyer


FreshGrade Updated

Dear parents,
Yesterday, the FreshGrade website was very slow and I was unable to create assignments for the work that I sent.  I was able to update it today.  Please have your child submit their work on FreshGrade.

M. Boyer

No Google Meet today...

Dear parents,
We're still sorting out the technical and legal kinks in the online meetups.  I unfortunately have to cancel my online meeting time for today.  I'll hopefully have more information tomorrow.  If you child needs help, send me a quick email and we can work something out.

M. Boyer