Monday Memo

Monday Memo – La classe de M. Boyer


Hello everyone! Welcome to our first Monday Memo that will outline some learning activities for the week.  As per school division directives, grade 6 is to have about 5 hours of work, while grade 7 is to have about 10 hours of work.  Let me know how things go this week, as I’m doing my best to stick to these guidelines.  Not every student works at the same pace, so I’ll be checking in with a few families at the end of the week to get feedback on the amount of work that I’ve sent.



We will be using Google Meet to meet up online.  More information about joining the class online will be sent home early this week.  I will be available the rest of the week via email from 8:25am-3:00pm.  If you need face to face help, we could set up a time to meet online apart from the hours listed below.


My online meeting hours will be:


Tuesday: 1pm-2pm

Wednesday: 1 pm-2pm

Thursday: 2pm -3pm


Here are this week’s activities.  I’m hoping that I don’t overload families with this so I’m trying to ease us into a new way to learn.  Feel free to complete them in whatever order you see fit.


Our teachers were blessed to start the year with the very talented singer/songwriter, Steve Angrisano. His songs touched our hearts then but now our theme song Love Is What We Need means more than ever!  Click on the link and sing along!


Love is What we Need:




Grade 6

Grade 7


Write a paragraph in French about what you have been up to during this pause.  Create a video that explains what your day is like at home. Post this to FreshGrade.  

At least 15 minutes of reading per day in French if possible.  I have created accounts on a website called “Je Lis” for the class.  I’ll be sending the information out later today.

Grade 6 activity.

Also, write a paragraph about what you miss about school and what you are thankful for. Post this to FreshGrade.


Hearts for Health Care activity.  See attached document.   Post your prayer to Fresh Grade. This is a combined ELA and Religion assignment.


Try to get a good 30 minutes of reading in per day.

Same as grade 6.


Les rapports – (ratios) - Outcome 6N.6


Watch the following video from Kahn Academy teaching ratios.



Learn more about ratios here.  Try Let’s Practice at the bottom.



Create ratios using items you have around the house, and explain what they are.  Post 5 examples to FreshGrade.


I’ve assigned ratios on Prodigy this week.




Additioner et soustraire les nombres positifs et négatifs – (Adding and subtracting Integers) – Outcome 7N.6


A video reviewing adding and subtracting integers.



Why is subtracting a negative number such as:


7 – (-3)


The same as 7 + 3?  Watch a video about Steve.  Steve has no money and owes a friend 3 dollars.  Steve’s uncle would like to help him.



Practice here:


and here:



I’ve attached 2 worksheets with answer keys for parents to check work.  Please post to FreshGrade when complete.


I’ve assigned integers on Prodigy for this week.





Watch and reflect on the following video:


What are some things that we are grateful for this Easter season?  Write a paragraph that explains some things that we are grateful for, even if things aren’t perfect right now.  This is a combined ELA and Religion assignment.


Research Catholic symbols of Easter:


Draw a picture incorporating Easter symbols.  Post this to FreshGrade.

Same as grade 6.

Phys. Ed. – A message from M. Nadon

Hi students and families,


    Hope all is well in your household and everyone is safe and healthy. I really miss those smiley faces full of energy. I have included some activities in FreshGrade that focus on relaxation and wellness for this week. Hopefully you can access and do as much as you are able that would be great. Please don't stress if you don't get through all of these, they are suggestions.

Happy Holy Week.


M. Nadon


Same as grade 6.



If your child is finished their work, I have attached a file called Choice Activities for Older Student, where students are free to work on whatever they wish.  I've included this document as a word file to make it easier to print.


Have a great week!

M. Boyer


Palm Sunday Information

Just a few notes about Palm Sunday, which is tomorrow:

  • Church of Our Lady is offering Blessed Palms to pick up on Sunday, April 5thand Monday, April 6th from the parking lot entrance to the Church between 2-4pm.  They will be left outside.  They are asking that people please respect social distancing recommendations and that you take the first palm that you touch.
  • St. Joseph Parish is also offering Blessed Palms on Sunday, April 5th from 10am-5pm in front of the Church.  Again, please respect social distancing.
  • You can watch a stream of Palm Sunday mass from Resurrection Parish in Regina here:
  • If you're unsure about how to participate in a mass from home, you can find some info here: 

Have a safe weekend!
M. Boyer


We're back!

Hi everyone,


It's good to be in touch today.  I hope everyone has managed to stay healthy during this strange time.  The Boyers have spent the last week playing board games and video games, reading, going for walks, kite flying, and movie watching.  I managed to clean out my music / office room so I'm set up and ready to go for the next stage of our school life together.  I'm excited to do my part to keep everyone learning and having fun at a distance for as long as this takes.  I'm looking forward to reconnecting with the class digitally in the next days and weeks.


For the next week or so, keep your child reading and working on prodigy.  I'll be making sure PowerSchool and FreshGrade are updated with the latest work that was handed in before the "pause".  Take a look at them with your child and have a discussion what they've learned this year and what they need to do to continue to be successful during this hiccup and beyond.  Next week I'll be sending out some supplementary learning activities for students to work on, as per school division guidelines.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me during regular school hours.  

M. Nadon asked me to pass the following on to you as well:

Hi all,
I am going to be putting activities up on FreshGrade for kids to do to keep themselves active. If you or you son/daughter could please check FreshGrade for M.Nadon's PE activities and complete what works for your family that would be great. I would love to see pictures of these activities so I can comment and stay in contact with your family.
Thank you very much and stay safe.


I'd like to close this email with a quote from a lenten reflection that I found this morning on the Catholic Telegraph website.  


"This Lent is much closer to Jesus’ time in the desert than any Lent of my past. During this time of isolation, I will do my best to look towards my Saviour, who is loving, and never wants me to forget who I am. I will rest in the fact that I may meet Him outside of the tomb, when the time comes."


Have a great day.  I'll be in touch soon!

M. Boyer