February 3rd

Dear parents,

  • Today we are starting new novel studies in both grades.  There is no homework in ELA at this time.

  • We have been working on 2 math worksheets regarding calculations with decimal numbers.  Most students should be done, but if not, they should be done for Wednesday.

  • Students have been researching Atlantic and Pacific rim countries.  These should be done for Wednesday as well.   Ample time has been given in class.

  • Thanks to everyone who bought Scholastic books.  We were able to benefit from a bonus and we have over $100 in credits for the classroom. 

  • All French song assignments -  “3 chansons” and “1 chanson” and critique video should be completed if not already done.



M. Boyer





Can we have the answer sheet for our math cause my parents want to correct it.

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