Grade 7 - Skiing tomorrow!

Here’s a message regarding skiing tomorrow for the grade 7 students.  Grade 6 will remain at school and work with Mme Lind.


Hello all, just a reminder that we are, in fact, going skiing tomorrow! We will meet here at the school at 7:20/7:30am. We will take off right away and then we will return at 5:00(ish). I have just a couple last minute reminders:

  1. Please have you child dress in layers and bring sunglasses to prevent snow blindness. 

  2. There is a canteen that serves pizza, chicken fingers, fries and plenty of other types of food, and the students will have plenty of time to order if they choose to do so. They can also bring snacks and a lunch of their own. 

  3. technology is allowed on the bus and while at the hill AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please have a discussion about what movies they are allowed to watch or music they are allowed to listen to. I have asked the students to not post anything to any social media until after school hours and with the permission of the people in the video. 

If you have any questions I will try to check my phone tonight to answer them!


Mme Gagnon