Monday Memo - January 18th

Dear parents,

This week we will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Grade 3 will meet at 10am and 1pm.  Grade 4 will meet at 11am and 2pm.







Grade 3 will work on word work and continue their novel study.

Grade 4 will continue to work on reading skills.   

Grade 3 will continue studying the Holy Spirit.

Grade 4 will study the story of Jesus in the temple.

Grade 3 will study measurement.

Grade 4 will work on subtraction with borrowing.


Grade 3 will continue studying structures.

Grade 4 will continue studying light.

Grade 3 will continue studying wants and needs.

Grade 4 will study maps. 

We will not meet Thursday afternoon.


Let me know if you need anything!

M. Boyer