La classe de M. Boyer

7e année

Monday Morning Memo - January 11th

Good morning!  Another week is upon us.  Here’s how it will unfold. 


Grade 3 will meet at 10am and 1pm.

Grade 4 will meet at 11am and 2 pm. 



AM: ELA – Grade 3 will be working on our novel study and some word work activities.  Grade 4 will work on learning about why reading is important.

PM: Science  –  Grade 3 will continue studying structures.  Grade 4 will continue studying light.



AM – Religion –Grade 3:  We’ll continue to learn about the gifts of the Holy Spirit  Grade 4: We’ll learn about new beginnings.

PM – Social Studies: Grade 3 will continue to learn about needs and wants.  Grade 4 will learn about rules and laws.



AM – Math – Grade 3 will learn about  parts and totals.  Grade 4 will work on subtracting with borrowing. 

PM -  ELA – Both classes will work on grammar activities.


Let me know if you have any questions.  Have a great week!

M. Boyer