Monday Morning Memo - June 1st

Monday Morning Memo – La classe de M. Boyer


Happy Monday!  I can’t believe it’s June already.  Thanks to everyone who has been participating in our Google Meets.  Seeing so many of my students every day has really made this time easier!


My online meeting hours will be:



Grade 6 French – 10am-11am.  Grade 7 French: 1pm-2pm.

Room code: boyer3francais


Thursday: Grade 6 Math – 11am-12pm.  Grade 7 Math 1pm-2pm.

Room code: boyer4math


Friday: Grade 6 Social Studies 11am-12pm    Grade 7 Social Studies 1pm-2pm

Room code: boyer5scihum


IMPORTANT:  If your child is using a tablet or phone to do their work, I ask that you install a free app called “Explain Everything Whiteboard”.  We’ve been using Explain Everything to provide an extra layer of collaboration and interactivity during our meet times and it works really well.  If you are using a computer or laptop to connect you do not require the app.


Here are this week’s activities. 




Grade 6

Grade 7


“Le text explicatif” We will be going over this together during our meet on Wednesday.  Students will then pick a subject and write about it using what they’ve learned.

Same as grade 6.


Be sure to read 20 minutes per day. 


Go to Google Classroom, 6/7 writing, and complete the "Cartoons are Stories Too" assignment. You have two weeks to complete this assignment. Due Friday, June 12th, 2020.






Same as grade 6.


Jump math 6.1,  pages 127-129 – les diagrammes.  A copy has been attached to the email for those who do not have their books.

Jump math, pages 172-174 – Area of triangles.  A copy has been attached for those who do not have their books.

Phys. Ed

Continue to work on M. Nadon’s FreshGrade Activities


Same as grade 6.

Sciences Humaines

See Google Classroom for this week’s assignment. – Les fuseaux horaires

See Google Classroom for this week’s assignment. – Le troc

Sciences Naturelles

Les parachutes et les planeurs

Les êtres vivants qui volent

L’effet sociétal, environnemental et les drones.

Concept 4: Les façons que l'énergie thermique se transmettent – Google Classroom



Extra work:


If your child is finished their work, here is a link to some optional supplemental learning activities.  The activities will change weekly, but the link will remain the same.