Next week...

Dear parents,


Next week we’ll be wrapping up our division unit.  Students are almost ready for to do an assessment but I’d just like to take a period or two to make sure they are ready.  


In French, we will be working on some grammar (nouns), completing our writing project for the division office and working on a new text about recycling during our French guided reading time.


In Science, we’ll start our sound unit and learn about natural sounds and artificial sounds as well as the parts of the ear.


We’ve completed our natural resources project in Social Studies and we’ll introduce “wants” and “needs” and the difference between the two.


In ELA, we’ll finish up our Rocks and Minerals section and continue our self-guided Genius Hour projects.   


Students will be filming their dances in Arts Education and analyzing the elements of dance in each dance.   I will post the dances to the blog.  They’re very good!


In Religion, we’ll talk about the early life of Jesus and explore the area where he lived.


We also have a number of activities going on for Mardi Gras, please see the newsletter and emails for details. 


Have an awesome weekend!

M. Boyer