Here’s a message from Mme Gagnon:


Well, I tried to keep it going but unfortunately Mother Nature was not on my side.The Ski trip is cancelled for tomorrow, Friday, January 17th. It is projected to be even colder than thought yesterday. It is now calling for -23 with a windchill of -30. I know this is just a little difference from yesterday but it is just too cold for a school trip and I'm afraid it is just going to get colder! 


I have rebooked us to go on Wednesday, March 11th. Please pray the weather is warmer but not too warm as to melt all the snow. LOL


If your child was unable to sign up but the change of date has made it possible for them to go, I will send home another package with them; on the flip side, if your child is now unable to go, please let me know and we will issue a refund. 


Thank you all for your understanding.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Mme Cheryl Gagnon
Ecole St. Margaret

8ième année