Thursday, April 9th

Dear parents,

Our first Google Meet was a success.  We were online for about 35 minutes.  We went over our day and played “Qui suis-je?”.  It was so good to see all of “my kids” again today.  Thanks for your help in getting everyone online. 


Today I also went into FreshGrade and looked at your child’s work.  I tried to leave comments for everyone who turned something in.  I especially enjoyed the videos the students posted about how they are spending their days.


I’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Easter.  Thanks for your support over these past few weeks.  I was playing around with some new software today, and I made a little Easter message for everyone.  It isn’t perfect but I thought I should post it anyway.  I’ll be able to use the software to create lessons for the students over the break, so it was a nice way to try it out.


Take care! Be safe!

M. Boyer