January 16th

Dear parents,

Here are a list of assignments that will be due Monday.  Adequate time has been given in class so that there shouldn’t be much left.  Let me know if your child needs to extend any of these assignments, but as it stands they should be almost done everything if they have used their time effectively.


Grade 6

French – 3 Song appreciation (Google Classroom)

Math – Multiplication booklet

ELA – ISS Menus

Sciences humaines – Canada research project


Grade 7

French – 3 Song appreciation

Math – P. 91 -93

ELA – Oak Island Mystery – 3 paragraphs

Grade 7 will have an assignment due Wednesday in Sciences humaines.


Mme Smith’s Career Ed. assignment is due tomorrow for both grades.


There is a school dance January 23rd at St. Agnes.

Mme Lind’s class will be having a bake sale on January 22nd


Have a great night.

M. Boyer