Monday Memo - November 30th

Dear parents,

This week I have a meeting on Thursday so we will switch it up a bit.


  • 10am – ELA - We’ll continue our novel study, do some word work and learn a reading strategy.  We’ll go over some spelling words and look at Reading Eggs.

  • 1pm – Science – We’ll learn about soil additives and organic farming.


  • 10am – Religion We’ll continue to discuss Advent and Christmas traditions.

  • 1pm – Social Studies – Students who have not done so will present their projects. Then we’ll talk about decision making.


  • 10am – Math - We’ll work on problems and mental math strategies.

  • 1pm – ELA – We’ll do some reading and spelling activities.

Remember, your child has an Epic account for reading, and a Prodigy account to practice math.  Please use these every day to keep your skills sharp.  I’ll also send out some login information for Reading Eggs this week.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need anything!
M. Boyer