The Week of September 28th

Monday, September 28th


Dear parents,


            I’m excited to start another week of learning with my virtual classroom students.  Here is how the week is going to unfold:







Grade 3


Basic Needs, Parts of a plant, Life Cycle.


Unit 1, Chapter 1

Social Studies



Jump math p. 10-16

Extra practice booklet

English Language Arts

Writing, Read aloud – Stella Diaz Has Something To Say


Grade 4 FI


Zig Zag p. 7-18

Sciences Naturelles

Les types d’habitats






Jump Math p. 14-18

Extra practice booklet

Sciences Humaines

Research Project

English Language Arts

Writing, Grammar

Religion: Unit 1, Chapter 3

Read aloud – The BFG


            This week, our meets will introduce topics to the students, and students will be free to stay online and work with me, or work on their own and drop in if they need help.  Assignments will be due one week from the day they are assigned, and you will be able to see all outstanding assignments in your child’s Edsby account.   Many of the students will need to take a break during our two-hour sessions, so feel free to come and go once I’ve done my introduction and explanation.  I’ll keep my meet active for the duration of the allotted time, so don’t hesitate to log back on for help.  I am also available for help outside of our scheduled meets, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need additional help with something. 


As per my message on Friday, Grade 3 will meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-12pm.  Grade 4 FI will meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1pm-3pm.


The room code for all meets this week will be boyerdigital, the same as last week.


If you are finding that your child does not have enough work or that the workload is too much, please let me know as I am still trying to figure out how much the students can do on their own.  I’ll be happy to make adjustments as needed.



Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

M. Boyer