La classe de M. Boyer

6e et 7e année, École St. Margaret

Bring $5 tomorrow

As a community building activity and to celebrate a successful start to the year, we’ll ’ll be going to the corner store tomorrow afternoon for a slush. It will also be a chance to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. Your child is welcome to bring $5 if they wish to purchase a slush.

September 19th

    We worked on new pages in math.  All students had an opportunity to work with me at the table today.  Most are close to being caught up but I’ve sent home booklets got those who are a bit behind.  Please complete for Monday.  The list of assignments are on the Jump Math page of the blog. 
   We learned and took notes about the different forms of governments around the world.
   We read and worked on new selections in ELA.
  We reviewed “le passé composé” in French.

The school dance is tonight.  
School photos are September 26th.  
Grade 6 immunization forms have been sent home.  

Here’s a photo of the students where they are totally not making faces for the camera. 

Jump Math and Band Info Updated

I’ve added new pages to the Jump Math page.  These pages need to be completed at home if they are not done.

I’ve also added information to the Band page. 



Jump Math

The following pages have been taught and assigned.  Students have had class time to work on them.

6e année

PA 6-3 to PA 6-8
NS 6-1 and NS 6-2

7e année

NS 7-2
NS 7-5

PA 7-1 to PA 7-6

September 12


  • We continued our biography jigsaw activity.

  • We worked on our Jump Math.

  • We signed up for Prodigy math.

  • We learned when to use le passé composé and when to use l’imparfait.

  • We worked on two new selections in ELA.



September 11

Students should continue to complete ELA and Science humaines assignments on Classroom.  

September 9th, 2019

Today we started to discuss the story of Chanie Wenjack.  We watched the CBC video, which I’ve attached to this post.



We continued to work ahead in Math, and we worked on incomplete work in Sciences humaines and ELA.


There is no new homework, have students finish the Sciences humaines, ELA and math homework from last week.