January 22nd


·         We went to an assembly in the gym.

·         We changed books at the library.

·         We learned about informal and formal writing styles and created examples of each one.

·         We read a story in Religion.

·         We had Catholic Wellness with M. Nadon.

·         We learned about the numbered treaties of Saskatchewan.


There is no homework tonight.


Have a good evening!

M. Boyer



December 15th


·         We created rainbows with water and mirrors in Sciences naturelles.

·         We had phys. ed. with M. Nadon

·         We practiced for the Advent Celebration

·         We worked on French writing and Christmas Art.



·         Please return all library books and return home reading duo-tangs on Monday.

·         Work on Mathletics over the weekend.

·         Monday is Onesie day.


Have a great weekend,

Mme Gabourie and M. Boyer



December 8th


·         We wrote about “Christmas At Our House” in French

·         We watched a video about light and filled in wrote about a flashlight we did yesterday.

·         We practiced songs for the Advent celebration.

·         We had phys. ed. with M. Nadon

·         We listened to the Vanier choir and band performance.


Parents are invited to the Advent celebration that the class is presenting on Monday at 8:30 AM.


Spirit Days in December:

December 18 – Onesie day

December 19 – Wear red and green day

December 20 – Dress as an elf

December 21 – Christmas sweater day

December 22 – Pajama day


Have a great weekend!

M. Boyer and Mme Gabourie

October 17th

This week:

·         We’ve worked on spelling skills

·         We’ve worked on 4 digit addition and subtraction

·         We’ve learned about famous Saskatchewan inventions

·         We attended a school bus safety presentation



·         Spelling is due tomorrow.

·         Mme Phipps gave some orange math duo-tangs to some students.  Please complete these ASAP.

·         There is a science test on Friday.

·         Take home reading was sent home.

·         Please have students complete Les Inventions de la Saskatchewan on Google Classroom by the end of the week. 



To log in to Google Classroom:

1.       Go to http://classroom.google.com

2.       Username is firstname.lastname@htcsd.ca

3.       Password is your child’s Chromebook password.  These are used every day so your child will know it.



All of my daily notes are archived at http://mrboyer.ca


Have a great evening!




October 10th

Dear parents,


Last week

-          We practiced addition and subtraction problems.

-          We learned about the Apostle’s Creed.

-          We learned about life on a Hutterite colony.

-          We learned about the elements of dance.

-          We learned about minerals, the Mosaic potash mine and the Mohs’ scale.

-          We wrote a letter of Thanksgiving to our parents.

-          We worked in literacy centres.

-          We described the physical attributes and the personality of a Smurf in French.

-          We started researching Genius Hour questions.


Outstanding Work

-          All students have outstanding work in Google Classroom in English Language Arts, sciences humaines or Religion.  Please check your child’s account from home at http://classroom.google.com  using firstname.lastname@htcsd.ca as their username.  The students all know their passwords.


Upcoming Work / Events

-          Home reading duo-tangs for French will be coming home this week with 2 leveled books.  Please read each book and sign in the duo-tang.

-          A hot lunch order form will be sent home Wednesday for the Literacy Lunch on October 25.

-          The class will go to the Art Gallery on Thursday, October 26th from 9:30-11:00.  If you are interested in attending, please email Mme Gabourie.






September 28th


·         We learned how to use text features such as titles, headings, numbered lists and bulleted lists.

·         We practiced addition and subtraction.

·         We learned soccer skills with Jason Jones.

·         We learned how the Church is both human and divine, how we are one with the Church, and how we are the body of Christ on Earth.



·         There is no homework today.

·         Subway lunch is tomorrow.


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer

September 19th



·         We worked on 4 digit by 4 digit addition.

·         We worked on activity centers

·         We finished up our Louis Riel work from yesterday

·         We had M. Nadon for Phys Ed.



·         Religion and Spelling are for homework.  Some students completed this but please check.

·         We sent home a permission slip for our trip to the Agriculture in the Classroom farm.

·         Scholastic orders were sent home.  Please return by Monday.

·         We sent home a Moose Jaw Soccer pamphlet.



On Friday,


-We discussed "International Dot Day" and made a bookmark starting with just one dot

- We continued our read-aloud "Les Schtroumpfs"

-We did a small scavenger hunt and reviewed some sounds in French and did some writing

-We had a full hour of Phys Ed with M. Nadon

-We had Drama

-We practiced hold & secure and a fire drill



- -School Information Sheet should be signed and returned

-School Fees are $20

-Thank you for initialing your child's agenda.


Students have:

Library on Mondays

Gym on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer and Mme Gabourie


September 11th

Dear parents,



·         We had an assembly in the gym.

·         We exchanged books in the library.

·         We finished listing what we know about Rocks and Minerals.

·         We drew symbols of the Church.

·         We learned about Louis Riel.

·         We had Catholic Wellness with M. Nadon.




·         There is no homework tonight.

·         Class photos are Thursday.

·         There will be a school mass on Wednesday morning at Church of Our Lady.


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer



September 5th



We had a good first day in grade four getting to know each other a bit and learning some classroom routines.


This year, your child will have M. Boyer for English, Religion, Sciences humaines, Arts Ed and Math.  Mme Gabourie will teach French, Sciences naturelles and Visual Art.  M. Nadon will teach Catholic Wellness and Mme Adams will teach Gym.


Please feel free to contact us at the school anytime at 306-694-4044 or by email clayton.boyer@htcsd.ca and carolyn.gabourie@htcsd.ca


We look forward to learning with your child this year.


M. Boyer & Mme Gabourie


May 16th


I’ve received a number of questions about our latest sciences naturelles assignment.  Here are a few clarifications.

·         Students are to build a simple musical instrument that can play sounds that vary in pitch and intensity. 

·         There are a few example videos in the assignment on Stile to give the students ideas.

·         Students are to bring their instruments to demonstrate to the class.

·         This has been extended until Thursday.



·         Complete the multiplication booklet that we started today.  Students were given appropriate time to finish in class.



·         We discussed the students dreams and fears about growing up.

·         We discussed how sounds are used as alarms.

·         We practiced 2 and 3 digit by 1 digit multiplication.

·         We learned about sound pollution and how it affects humans.

·         We had phys. ed. with M. Nadon.

·         I sent a note home about our upcoming field trip to Batoche which will take place on Monday, June 5th.


Have a great evening!