May 24th

Dear parents,


Another week is in the books!

This weekend, students are working on a Brexit story for Sciences humaines which is due Monday. 


Students will be bussed to Gutheridge Field on Monday for a mini track meet. 


We are working on exploring and creating French comic books.  Our comic book project will be due Friday.


That’s it! Have a great weekend.



May 14th

Hi everyone,



·         We are finishing up reviewing finding the area of parallelograms and triangles, as well as the radius, diameter and circumference of circles.  We’ll have a test next week.

·         We’ve completed our writing assignment with M. Garreau.  Congratulations to Emma and Kaleigh who will have their works published.  We will start a unit on illustrations and comics after the long weekend.

·         We’re continuing to learn about current events and decision making in Sciences humaines. 


There is no school Friday or Monday.  



·         Students should have their math reviews completed for Tuesday.  P. 168 2-10.



M. Boyer




May 1st update

Dear parents,


We’ve had a positive return to school after a restful Easter break.  Here are a few things happening in the classroom in the next few weeks.


·         We’ve been collaborating with M. Garreau, a publisher, on a writing project.  M. Garreau has been guiding us through a story writing and editing process.  He will chose 2 student’s writing pieces to be included in a book of student writing.  Those students will receive $20 for the publishing rights.  The second draft of these stories is due Monday.  Students have been given ample class time to complete this so I’m not anticipating that there should be too much work to be done at home.

·         We’ve been working on a book report this month.  Students have been reading short French novels and have been given an outline to complete.  Once completed, the students will use the outline to create a video review of their books which we will share with other classrooms.  The book reports and videos are due May 10th.

·         Students have been studying current events in Social Studies using a resource called Notre Monde.  Most students are well on their way to having this complete.  I’d like these submitted by Friday, May 10th as well.  These are great resources that count for both French and Social Studies marks.

·         Students are working on calculating the area of various geometric shapes in math.  


If you have any questions, or you feel your child may need extra time or help to complete these assignments, contact me and I’ll be happy to make arrangements to extend the due dates. 





Nov 29th 2018

Hello parents,

Just a reminder that there is no school tomorrow.  Also, thank you  for your  support during this reporting period.  We all appreciate the things that you do to help your child succeed.



·        Sign up for an Edmodo parent account to see when my assignments are due, as well as results from completed assignments.  All marks will also be entered into PowerSchool.

·        Please use the Remind app or email to contact me if you have any questions. 


Have a great weekend!

M. Boyer


Clayton Boyer

7e année, École St. Margaret

President, Holy Trinity Teachers’ Association


September 4th

Dear parents,

We had a great first day!  I will be using an app called Remind to communicate this year.  Remind works like text messaging, making communication easy.  Please see the attached form to sign up.    If you have any trouble, let me know (by email)  and I can help you figure it out. 


Have a great evening!


January 22nd


·         We went to an assembly in the gym.

·         We changed books at the library.

·         We learned about informal and formal writing styles and created examples of each one.

·         We read a story in Religion.

·         We had Catholic Wellness with M. Nadon.

·         We learned about the numbered treaties of Saskatchewan.


There is no homework tonight.


Have a good evening!

M. Boyer



December 15th


·         We created rainbows with water and mirrors in Sciences naturelles.

·         We had phys. ed. with M. Nadon

·         We practiced for the Advent Celebration

·         We worked on French writing and Christmas Art.



·         Please return all library books and return home reading duo-tangs on Monday.

·         Work on Mathletics over the weekend.

·         Monday is Onesie day.


Have a great weekend,

Mme Gabourie and M. Boyer



December 8th


·         We wrote about “Christmas At Our House” in French

·         We watched a video about light and filled in wrote about a flashlight we did yesterday.

·         We practiced songs for the Advent celebration.

·         We had phys. ed. with M. Nadon

·         We listened to the Vanier choir and band performance.


Parents are invited to the Advent celebration that the class is presenting on Monday at 8:30 AM.


Spirit Days in December:

December 18 – Onesie day

December 19 – Wear red and green day

December 20 – Dress as an elf

December 21 – Christmas sweater day

December 22 – Pajama day


Have a great weekend!

M. Boyer and Mme Gabourie

October 17th

This week:

·         We’ve worked on spelling skills

·         We’ve worked on 4 digit addition and subtraction

·         We’ve learned about famous Saskatchewan inventions

·         We attended a school bus safety presentation



·         Spelling is due tomorrow.

·         Mme Phipps gave some orange math duo-tangs to some students.  Please complete these ASAP.

·         There is a science test on Friday.

·         Take home reading was sent home.

·         Please have students complete Les Inventions de la Saskatchewan on Google Classroom by the end of the week. 



To log in to Google Classroom:

1.       Go to

2.       Username is

3.       Password is your child’s Chromebook password.  These are used every day so your child will know it.



All of my daily notes are archived at


Have a great evening!