La classe de M. Boyer

6e et 7e année, École St. Margaret

A message from Mme Lind

Dear parents,


I have asked the grade 6 students to bring in a variety of different leaves for science class on Monday. We will try to identify which trees they come from. Can you please remind them to do so?


Thank you,


Mme Lind

October 18th 2019

This week:

  • We’ve been working on writing biographies of our classmates, and we have started working on writing a biography of a famous person. Please check in with your child to make sure that the classmate biography is completed.

  • Both grades wrote quizzes on our latest math lessons.  I will send the results home next week.

  • We’ve continued researching the major political parties for the election, and we presented our research to the class.



  • I’ve updated our class schedule, and the copy on the blog is now downloadable.

  • We are starting a new classroom economy.  Students have applied for jobs in the classroom that will pay pretend money.  There will be elements of financial literacy incorporated in the near future, as well as a reward and penalty system for speaking French in class.  See the Économie page of the blog for details.  The students are very excited to start this and have already applied for their top 3 preferred jobs.

  • Hot lunch orders are due Monday.  You can order online at


Have a great weekend!

M. Boyer


October 9th

  • Tomorrow is HAT DAY in support of Mental Health.  Bring $1 and wear a hat!

  • Today:

    • We worked on Regrouping and Equations and Expressions in Jump Math

    • We continued exploring the political parties of Canada in order to be able to conduct a student vote.

    • We read some new selections in ELA and worked on some activities.

    • Students had ELA with Mme Gagnon and Sciences naturelles with Mme Lind.

    • Mme King took the students to the Library.


Have a great evening!

M. Boyer

Mixed Messages

One day Annique is all like “Don’t acknowledge that I’m your daughter.”

Then one day she complains that I don’t acknowledge it enough, and she’s never on the blog. 

Kids! :)

October 4th 2019


  • We did a French speaking activity with Mme Maudeline.

  • We worked on a Sciences humaines Notre Monde booklet.

  • Students had Phys Ed. With M. Nadon and Music with Mme Gagnon.

  • We showed the grade 3 class how to use the Chromebooks and Prodigy.


Congratulations to this week’s Prodigy top performers:

  • Grade 6: Jack, Lynessa and Brooke

  • Grade 7: Maria, Kingston and Eden


There is no homework over the weekend.



Writing - Revisions and Editing on paragraph about self due Tuesday

Students have been writing a paragraph about themselves. Today they were taught how to do a three step revisions/editing process. The three step revisions/editing process, done on their rough draft is due on Tuesday. Here are the three steps:

  1. chose a color. Find 3 words to change into a triple scoop word.
  2. choose a different color and find three spelling or grammar mistakes (can have more if they see more!)
  3. use a third color and choose 1 sentence to rewrite in a different, maybe more interesting, way.

Mme Cheryl Gagnon
Ecole St. Margaret
8ième année