Social Studies presentation

Dear parents,

Today we will be creating a presentation based on the information that your child has gathered about the country they chose a few weeks ago.  I’ve attached an easy to follow template to today’s Social Studies assignment.  I would ask that students be prepared to present their countries to our online classroom by Wednesday of next week.  Let me know if you have any questions.


Mr. Boyer

This Week's Schedule

Dear parents,


This week’s schedule will be as follows:



10am-12pm – ELA

1pm-3pm – Science



10am-12pm – Religion

1pm – 3pm – Social Studies



10am-12pm – Math

1pm – 3pm – General help


I will also be scheduling some small group activities.  I’ll email you separately with the details.



M. Boyer

This week

Dear parents,

This week we’ll keep the same schedule as we normally do. 


Tuesday, 10am – ELA  1pm – Science

Wednesday  10am – Religion  1pm – Social Studies

Thursday – 10am – Math  1pm – General help


I’ll be sending out a list of incomplete work today. 



M. Boyer

Update: Week of October 19th

Dear parents,

My grade 4 student has returned to the classroom, so I’m happy to be able to offer you more time with me.  I was thinking that we could spend some time together in the morning and afternoon, and have some time to work off camera as well.  So the new schedule will be as follows:



10 am: ELA

1 pm: Religion



10 am: Science

1 pm: Social Studies



10 am: Math


I think we’d probably meet for an hour during each time slot, and then if your child needed help with some of the work, I’d be available for the following hour.  I won’t be available Thursday afternoon this week due to a medical appointment.



M. Boyer

This week...

Dear parents,

This week, we’ll be meeting at the following times:


Grade 3:  

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10:00-12:00


Grade 4 FI

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1:00-3:00


I’m also available anytime by appointment.  Let me know if your child needs some extra time.



M. Boyer